Cypress Backs Bill Requiring License for Home Care Providers

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

The decision to obtain elderly home care in Phoenix means allowing someone into a personal residence to care for you or someone you love. It’s a big decision and therefore trust is a critical consideration. That is why Cypress HomeCare is so committed to lobbying Arizona legislators to pass a bill requiring the licensure of non-medical Arizona homecare agencies.

By 2020 Arizonans aged 60 and older will make up one-quarter of the State’s population, approximately 2.1 million people, the 85 and older population is the fastest growing age group in the State and will increase by 141% by the year 2020. Our number one concern and the reason we at Cypress HomeCare, continue to push this licensure is to ensure the safety of all seniors.

Unfortunately, our elderly home care trade is becoming fraught with “bad actors” preying on one of our most vulnerable populations. We believe by having this licensure pass, these unscrupulous home health care providers in AZ will have no choice but to disband. This bill would require certain standards be met and upheld for all non-medical Arizona homecare agencies, making rules and regulations more uniformed across the board.

So what are the next steps? After three unsuccessful attempts in the past seven years, our persistent work has finally paid off. Recently, the Committee of Reference for Health and Human Services has given Cypress HomeCare the go-ahead to introduce a Bill during the upcoming legislative session. Once the Bill has been created we hope to gain support in the House and then bring it to the Senate for review. We know we have our work cut out for us but protection and top-quality care for our elderly is something we at Cypress HomeCare Solutions never want to lose sight of.

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