Signs it May be Time for Senior Care

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Bringing up the topic of elderly care in Phoenix to an aging loved one can be a difficult thing to do.  Well-meaning family members and senior caregivers in Phoenix may be afraid of encroaching on their loved one’s sense of independence or privacy. They may even go so far as to justify a declining state as simply “part of the aging process”, to avoid a potentially uncomfortable discussion.

What many family members and senior caregivers in Phoenix fail to realize is it is better to be proactive and ease into this transition of lifestyle, rather than putting it off. So, in an effort to help family members assess when non-medical homecare in Phoenix might be an appropriate solution, Cypress HomeCare Solutions has compiled a list of signs of potential areas of concern:

  • Driving– Adults 65 and older are involved in more car accidents per mile driven than almost any other age group. If your aging family member’s vision, hearing and/or reflexes are impaired, this increases their risk for being involved in a car accident. Hiring a service for elderly care in Phoenix for transportation needs might be a good idea.
  • Daily Tasks- Basic errands like going grocery shopping or to the bank become strenuous burdens.
  • Meal Planning- Shopping and/or cooking become overwhelming. Are they suffering nutritionally? Losing weight can be another sign that a parent is not eating a nutritious diet.
  • Hygiene- Evaluate your loved one’s overall appearance and smell. Are they unshaven or wearing the same clothes over and over again? Are they able to keep up with their laundry?
  • Medication- Are they able to manage their medications properly including dosage, frequency and changes to prescriptions? Are prescriptions being refilled? An ability to do any of these things is often a sign of short-term memory loss or depression, this is not just a quality of life issue, but a real risk factor.

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