Helping Seniors Avoid Social Isolation

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

A recent study published by The Journal of Primary Prevention, outlines the high incidence rate (over 40 percent) of social isolation among seniors living at home versus those living in a senior community. What’s so alarming about these findings is the fact that social isolation or loneliness has been linked to numerous negative health effects including: an increased risk of mortality, dementia, re-hospitalization and a higher number of falls.

Considering the demonstrated risks of social isolation, Cypress HomeCare believes it’s worth addressing how homecare services in AZ as well as family caregivers can promote an aging loved one’s social activity.

Promote a sense of purpose

Sometimes providing compassionate care in AZ means helping an elderly individual re-establish their drive. Seniors often find a sense of purpose in hobbies, volunteering or charity work. The great thing is hobbies not only provide the elderly with motivation but these activities are almost always social in nature. Hobbies keep aging adults from becoming isolated and lonely.

Give a senior a plant or pet to take care of

Research continues to highlight that the act of nurturing can relieve feelings of social isolation. Pet owners are commonly more socially engaged, suffer less from depression and loneliness and require less medication that non-pet owners. If however, a pet seems like too much responsibility for your loved one, studies have shown tending to a garden can also satisfy the nurturing drive and produce added health benefits.

Encourage shared meal times

Encourage seniors to share a meal with someone as often as possible. Whether it’s dining out at a favorite restaurant with a friend, attending a Friday night fish-fry at church or eating at their local senior center, dining with others promotes social interaction. It may even help promote better nutrition, something many seniors are in need of.

At Cypress HomeCare, a provider of homecare services in AZ, we know how important it is for seniors to remain socially integrated. That’s why we offer in-home companionship services which include everything from playing games to enjoying a meal together. We also provide respite care in Scottsdale to free up some time for family members, who may be feeling a little isolated themselves. Give Cypress HomeCare a call 602-264-8009 today, or contact us online to learn more about our homecare services in AZ.

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