Creating a Caregiving Team

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

If you’re like most family caregivers looking after an aging parent or relative, you haven’t exactly trained for the responsibilities or challenging new role you now face. But with the right help and support, you can create an effective caregiving team and save yourself from burnout in the process.

Conduct Family Meetings

Get everyone involved in an aging loved one’s life together to develop a care plan. Outlining finances and determining how much can be spent on a loved one’s elderly care in Phoenix is an important step. Make sure to put the family agreement in writing and re-evaluate it every few months.

Use Family and Friends as Resources

Whether you have enlisted Arizona homecare services or not, taking care of a senior is multi-dimensional. There is planning and meal preparation, paying medical bills, extra housework and the list goes on and on. Knowing you’re not alone can make all the difference in the world. So, when a friend or relative asks how they can help, have a prepared list of tasks they can do. Take it a step further and recruit a regular set of helpers or an Arizona homecare service, to assist in weekly errands.

Take Advantage of Technology

Take a cue from Arizona homecare services and create a family Facebook page or blog.

Check out a website like to set-up your family’s care taking schedule online, that way everyone involved can easily view it and the lines of communication are less likely to become crossed.

Straighten Out Important Paperwork

Your aging loved one may have a will and powers of attorney for healthcare and finances, but do you know how to easily access them if needed? If not, it’s vital to obtain these important legal documents and go over who will be in charge of finances or signing health/legal documents in an emergency. One recommendation is to keep wills, house deeds and insurance policies together in a folder or safe within the home.

Identify Outside Help

Often families chose to enlist outside elderly care in Phoenix to help provide additional services. This ensures family caregivers don’t reach burnout and their loved one receives optimal care.

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