Keys to Senior Fitness

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

As we age, physical fitness becomes more important than ever. Regular exercise and healthy eating habits are key to sustaining energy, maintaining independence, and managing pain. An active lifestyle also helps seniors improve memory, regulate moods, and stay focused. A regular schedule for sleep, exercise, and nutritious eating should be part of all in home care solutions for seniors. Here is how to get started.

  • Talk to a Doctor – Before beginning an exercise routine, seniors, or the Phoenix caregivers who assist them, should discuss preexisting conditions and activities to be avoided with a doctor
  • Set a Schedule – To make fitness a habit, commit to a program for three to four weeks and stick with it
  • Consider Health Conditions – Diabetics may need to adjust medication and meal timing; specific exercises may irritate existing injuries, and so on
  • Begin Slowly – Caregivers in Phoenix should monitor patients and ensure they do not do too much, too fast; start small and build up week by week; always warm up and cool down
  • Think Short-Term – Easily achieved goals, like improving mood or reducing stress,  help seniors stay motivated (weight loss takes longer and can be discouraging)
  • Assess Problems – Stop exercising or call a doctor if it causes swelling, pain, tenderness, dizziness, or shortness of breath

The best exercises for older adults are:

  • Walking – It is low-impact, can be done anywhere, and requires no equipment aside from comfortable shoes
  • Water Sports – Swimming and water aerobics reduce strain on seniors’ joints
  • Senior Fitness Classes – Classes and sports groups are fun, motivating, and encourage socializing
  • Chair Exercises – Chair-bound activities such as dumbbell reps, rubber band work, stretching, arm circling, and leg lifts are great for frailer seniors

Regular sleep and healthy eating are also key to maintaining fitness in seniors. If you provide home health care in Phoenix, track sleeping habits and make nutritious meals part of an active lifestyle.

The myth that you do not need exercise as you age is just that– a myth. Older adults can and should engage in as much physical activity as they are capable of. To learn more about in home care solutions that encourage a healthy lifestyle for seniors, please call Cypress Homecare at 602-264-8009 or Contact Us Online. Our highly trained and compassionate caregivers in the Phoenix area provide comprehensive support, including meal planning and walking assistance, so your loved one can stay strong and independent.

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