Using a Home Care Agency vs. Hiring an Independent Personal Attendant

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

When deciding on the best in home care for your senior loved one, you have two main options: hire an independent personal aide or find help via a senior home care agency in Phoenix.  This article from the private duty home care experts at Cypress Homecare will examine the benefits and disadvantages of each.

Payroll, IRS, Taxes

 Home Care Agency – Cypress Homecare assumes responsibility.

Independent Personal Attendant – Since a private aide is technically your employee, you must report and remit state, federal, and FICA taxes to the proper tax authorities. Consequently, you must withhold income taxes and payroll taxes while also make a matching contribution, as well as file quarterly and annual returns.

Emergency Backup

Home Care Agency – Cypress has caregivers ready work around the clock.

Independent Personal Attendant  – None. Home care backup is your responsibility.

Bonding, Liability, Insurance

Home Care Agency – Our in home caregivers are bonded and insured. If one of our employees is injured on the job, they cannot sue you.

Independent Personal Attendant – Typically none. You must investigate if they have insurance, and, if injured, these individuals can sue your home owners’ insurance policy.

Quality Control and Supervision

Home Care Agency – Cypress Homecare closely monitors all cases and keeps you informed of all matters relating to your senior relative.

Independent Personal Attendant – As completely independent contractors, these individuals lack formal supervision and accountability.

Continued Training and Education

Home Care Agency – Cypress Homecare provides on-site training to ensure our skilled in home care providers maintain and improve their knowledge, skill-set and integrity.

Independent Personal Attendant – May or may not choose to expand upon their training and skills.

Reference and Criminal Background Checks

Home Care Agency – Cypress carefully screens employees upon hiring and completes thorough background checks of all potential candidates. Drug tests are mandatory.

Independent Personal Attendant – It is your responsibility to investigate the individual’s background.

Flexibility of In Home Care Services

Home Care Agency – We regularly evaluate and modify our clients’ needs and caregivers’ skills to provide you with the best care possible. Your needs will change, and our private duty home care services will adjust accordingly.

Independent Personal Attendant – Variable, however most personal aides are paid for the specific skills they perform rather than the evolving skills you require.

Experience & Qualifications

Home Care Agency – We hire experienced caregivers will diverse skill-sets, from homemakers to specialty RNs, all of whom provide exceptional, compassionate care.

Independent Personal Attendant – Variable.

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