The Growing Cost of Homecare

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Home health care for seniors can take many forms, and deciding which one is best for your family member is no easy task. From private homecare agencies to assisted living facilities, there are a lot of factors to consider- not the least of which is cost. To determine the best and most affordable homecare solution for your senior loved one, consider the following:

1. Homemakers –  With this service, seniors may continue to live in their own homes. Homemakers complete “hands off” care such as cleaning, meal preparation, and errand-running.

  • Average Hourly Rate: $19
  • Increase Over 2013: 4.1%
  • Five-Year Annual Growth: 1.2%

2. Home Health Care Aides – These individuals also perform services that allow older adults to live at home, but provide more extensive care than homemakers. It is more “hands on”- though non-medical- personal care, such as bathing, grooming, and help dressing.( Information below reflect a non- medicare certified, licensed private homecare agency.)

  • Average Hourly Rate: $20
  • Increase over 2013: 1.6%
  • Five-Year Annual Growth: 1.3%

3. Adult Day Health Care (ADC) –  This is community-based care offered throughout the day, though it is not 24-hour. ADC centers offer relief not only to family members, but also to home health caregivers. Most simply offer supervised activities and interactions, though some provide personal care, meals, and medication management.

  • Average Daily Rate: $65
  • Increase Over 2013: 0%
  • Five-Year Annual Growth: 3.4%

4. Assisted Living Facility (ALF) –  These provide personal care and health services for adults who wish to live independently, but cannot remain at home. The care is less extensive than that of a nursing home, and should not be considered a replacement for nursing homes.

  • Average Monthly Rate: $3, 500
  • Increase Over 2013: 1.5%
  • Five-Year Annual Growth: 4.3%

5. Nursing Homes – These provide 24-hour care by skilled nurses, including medication, therapy, and rehabilitation, as well as room and board.

a) Semi-Private Room:

  • Average Daily Rate: $212
  • Increase Over 2013: 2.6%
  • Five-Year Annual Growth: 3.9%

b) Private Room:

  • Average Daily Rate: $240
  • Increase Over 2013: 4.5%
  • Five-Year Annual Growth: 4.2%

Cypress Homecare proudly employs skilled and dedicated home health care workers ranging in experience from homemakers specialty RNs. From companionship and errand-running to bathing and medication reminders, our comprehensive services can fill your loved one’s needs– without emptying your pockets. To discuss our compassionate and affordable home care solutions with a home health care professional, please Contact Us Online or call 602-264-8009 today.

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