Three Things Caregivers Should Know About

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

If you are a family caregiver looking for elder care solutions, there are a few subjects you should know about in order to provide the best, safest care for your relative.

Fall Prevention for Elderly Relatives

A fall can be devastating for a senior, causing broken bones, loss of independence and other medical issues. Fall prevention is very important to consider when planning elder care solutions.

Whether you have a family caregiver or hire private duty care providers, be sure that your home is safe for your relative. Install bright lighting and remove any hazards for tripping, including non- secured rugs, exposed electrical cords and wires, and clutter. Bathrooms can be arranged using elder care solutions like grab bars and anti-slip mats, and other elder care solutions like walkers, medical alert systems, and non-slip shoes are all relatively easy and inexpensive ways to prevent falls.

Securing Caregiver Respite and Relief

Family caregivers need a break in order to avoid burnout. Private duty care providers are skilled professionals who can take over all or some aspects of caregiving in order to provide respite and relief. Choosing to hire private duty care providers even part-time is not a weakness or a failure — it is simply ensuring family caregivers are cared for, too.

Hiring Reputable Private Duty Care Providers

When hiring private duty care providers for respite or regular care, it is important to use a reputable home care agency in Phoenix to ensure the safety and security of your relative.

A good home care agency in Phoenix will perform background checks on all of its private duty care providers.

When researching a home care agency in Phoenix, you should feel comfortable asking questions about the business. Find out what licenses and training their private duty care providers have, and inquire about the history of the business itself. Generate a list of questions for both the home care agency in Phoenix, and any private duty care providers you contact.

If you are able to find unbiased references for the home care agency in Phoenix that you are considering, you will have an idea of what experiences previous clients had.

With this information in mind, you should feel comfortable and confident in choosing elder care solutions for your senior relative. The safety and comfort of both caregivers and seniors is worth the extra research, time, and effort!

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