4 Signs That Your Aging Parent Needs A Caregiver

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Knowing that your aging parent requires the services of a caregiver may not be obvious. While a major medical event makes it clear that elder care solutions will have to be considered, for a senior who appears to be in relatively good health, it may not be something you think about.

A home care agency in Phoenix can help design elder care solutions for your aging parent, even if their needs are minimal. Here are four signs that your parent may need the help of private duty care providers.

  1. You Notice Physical Changes

Weight loss could indicate troubles with cooking or eating, while a change in hygiene can tell you that your aging parent is having troubles with self-care. Small injuries can indicate trips or falls, a serious problem requiring quick implementation of elder care solutions.

If you notice changes like this, contact a home care agency in Phoenix to discuss hiring private duty care providers to ensure the health and safety of your aging parent.

  1. Changes Around the Home

If you visit your parent’s home and discover problems with cleanliness, or a lack of food in the house, it can point to the need for private duty care providers and other elder care solutions.

Your parent may no longer be able to properly handle regular upkeep and maintenance of their home, or shop, cook, and do other errands. A home care agency in Phoenix can connect you with private duty care providers who offer housekeeping and meal planning.

  1. Emotional Changes

An aging parent struggling with daily life is not likely to share this information with you, hoping to hang onto their independence. He or she may become withdrawn or angry, or stop displaying an interest in hobbies. While it can be a difficult conversation, talk to your parent about elder care solutions that allow him or her to receive helpful and necessary care, while still being able stay in the comfort of their own home. Private duty care providers, hired through a home care agency in Phoenix, are a good compromise between independence and full-time assistance.

  1. An Increased Reliance on You

Caring for your senior parent or relative can be challenging. If you find this increased reliance on you from an aging family member forces you to give up favorite hobbies or leaves you feeling distracted at work and home, it may be time for added support. Of course you want to meet your aging parent’s needs, but if you find you are unable to handle the responsibilities without added stress, you may want to contact a home care agency in Phoenix to hire private duty care providers in a respite capacity.

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