Loneliness Can Cause Early Death

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

According to research conducted at the University of Chicago, loneliness can increase the rate of death among older people by 14%. This means that loneliness has an even larger impact on a senior’s health than does obesity. Lonely older people tend to see quick rates of both physical and mental health decline. Extreme loneliness, the study finds, can lead to very serious physical manifestations such as disrupted sleep, elevated blood pressure, increased levels of stress hormones and increased depression. This can lower the effectiveness of the body’s immune system, among other problems.

Loneliness and Homecare Services in AZ

If you suspect that your aging loved one who lives alone is suffering from loneliness, there are serious medical reasons to intervene. Cypress Home Care understands that it is not always realistic for us to alleviate that person’s loneliness all the time. Consider finding compassionate care in AZ, like Cypress Home Care, for your loved one, or calling in temporary respite care in Scottsdale. Compassionate respite care in Scottsdale is one way to assist your lonely loved one, as one benefit of homecare services in AZ is the daily visit and introduction of new people in the elder’s home.

Cypress Home Care understands the importance of socialization and incorporates social activities into their work with elders. Whether it is simply engaging in conversation about the news, playing a card game, or taking a walk, quality homecare services in Arizona do exist, and compassionate homecare services in AZ can make a huge difference in your loved one’s later years.

Signs To Look For

Compassionate care providers in AZ also understand the link between ill health and social isolation. As older people loose memory, hearing, or sight, they are more likely to cut themselves off from others. If you’re in the market for quality homecare services in AZ, be sure to ask how each respite care provider in Scottsdale deals with loneliness in ill patients. Some respite care services in Scottsdale offer alternative therapies like pet therapy, which can be especially beneficial to bed bound patients.

Any compassionate care services in Arizona should recognize that humans are social animals. We’ve evolved to need one another and being isolated is an unnatural situation that comes with repercussions, even serious ones. Don’t hesitate to call in help or respite care for your Scottsdale loved one who is suffering from isolation and loneliness.

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