Medication Reminders For Seniors

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Medication reminders can be a very real hurdle for seniors who choose to age in place. Memory loss can make a medication schedule more difficult to follow, and may make it difficult to remember to take meds at all. Vision problems can also contribute to accidental misuse of medications. Medication mistakes can have serious consequences, so it’s important that seniors are able to take medication consistently and without accidentally taking too much.

It’s also important to store medications properly—extreme temperatures can alter the safety and effectiveness of medications. And, medications need to be monitored by a doctor. Many seniors are hospitalized each year from adverse drug reactions or from being “non-compliant” with their prescription drugs.

Personal Caregiver Solutions

While pillboxes can help keep seniors on track, for some, especially those who are suffering moderate to severe memory loss, pill boxes are not enough. Hiring private in home care is an excellent solution to medication reminders for seniors. Having the eye of a personal caregiver, someone who is a neutral and professional party, can be just what the senior you love needs to stay on track with their medications.

Private in home care providers are trained professionals, able to monitor when the senior takes his or her meds and carefully follow instructions. Personal caregivers can read and understand medical records, so you can trust that your elder is following doctor’s orders, even when you’re not around. Finding the best homecare in Phoenix may be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your elder.

Find The Best Homecare In Phoenix

If you do decide to seek private in home care, learn to find the best homecare in Phoenix. Here in Phoenix we are blessed with some of the best options in private in home care and personal caregiving. Still, it’s important that both you and your senior feel comfortable with the employees and policies.

Find out what kinds of credentials the personal caregivers have and how active the case supervisors are in overseeing each private in home care client. Especially if medication reminders is a priority, be sure that there is consistent supervision and adequate medical training.

Phoenix does boast some of the best homecare in the country, so you can afford to be picky! After all, it is your loved one and they deserve nothing less than the very best homecare in Phoenix.

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