How To Make A First Aid Kit For A Senior

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Parents of young children know how important it is to always know where to locate a first aid kit. For caregivers of a Phoenix senior, it’s just as important to be prepared for emergencies and a well-stocked first aid kit is a basic Phoenix home health care solution.

Whether you buy a first aid kit, or make one yourself, it’s very important that it’s kept someplace where it can be found easily by the elder in your life, by a caregiver agency employee, or any visitor. Pack the first aid items in a box or bag that is clearly labeled as first aid. It’s helpful if it’s a bright color. Then, make sure that it’s stored within easy reach—that is, not too high off the ground—in case your senior needs to access it while experiencing an emergency that limits their mobility.

Being prepared with a first aid kit is a basic home care solution. While home health caregivers in Phoenix will likely have their own basic emergency kit with them, don’t assume that your Phoenix caregiver will have any medications specific to your elderly loved one’s needs.

Senior First Aid Kit Basics

A few basic items for the first aid kit include: gloves, thermometer, antiseptic ointment, cold pack, bandages, blanket, tweezers, scissors, flashlight, activated charcoal, eye goggles and sterile eyewash, gauze and tape. These home care solution items are quite basic and apply to any Phoenix home health emergency kit.

Caregiver agencies in Phoenix, and those working in Phoenix home health for seniors recommend a few additions specific to seniors. Include your senior’s list of medications including dosages and times. Include phone numbers for emergency contacts, doctor, pharmacy, caregiver agency, and poison control. Home care solutions providers say to be sure that the kit has medical documents like a living will, DNR, or advance directives. Caregiver agencies recommend a blood pressure monitor, blood sugar meter and/or AED, as needed.

Beyond Emergency

Being prepared will help your senior get the help they need, just in case, but a kit is not a long term solution to failing health and may not be enough. If you are worried about your senior’s ability to live alone safely, caregiver agencies may provide a home care solution that works for your needs. Luckily, there are excellent home health caregivers in Phoenix.

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