Living Alone: Tips on Organization and Emergency Preparedness

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

There are many elderly care options in Phoenix, but many seniors choose to age in place rather than move to a senior care facility in Phoenix, and this option comes with many benefits. Staying in a familiar setting means that they don’t have to deal with a disruptive move. Staying at home can encourage seniors to remain active for longer and can mean preserving essential social ties. However, it often means living alone, and this comes with its own downfalls and even dangers.

If your senior relative chooses to live alone, it’s essential to help them in as many ways as possible. Know that it also may mean hiring a homecare service. In-home senior or elderly care in Phoenix can be an excellent way to allow your loved one to remain in their home for as long as possible.

Homecare and Home Organization

As we age, our memory begins to falter, and this can cause great frustration for seniors living alone. Help your senior by organizing their home. Make sure essential things like keys, basic supplies, and phone lists are clearly labeled and easy to find. Home care providers can help with some ideas of how to best organize a senior’s home.

Organizing medication is an essential aspect of homecare organization. Be sure that your elderly care provider in Phoenix has a current list of medications. Get rid of clutter and make home organization so seamless that anyone caring for your Phoenix senior can figure out your systems. Write labels in large block lettering. Homecare for the elderly in Phoenix is much less stressful when they can find everything they need right away.

Emergency Preparedness

Senior care in Phoenix is largely about preventative health and preserving mobility and independence, but it is always best to be prepared for emergencies as well. As any elderly care provider in Phoenix will tell you, emergencies happen at any time of the day or night, and it is essential that your senior can access emergency supplies easily, as well as your Phoenix senior care provider.

Store emergency supplies in several places: bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Label them clearly and store in a bright case or bag. Among basic emergency medical supplies, include emergency phone numbers like their doctor, pharmacist, and family. Include copies of medical documents like medication lists and living wills. Ask your elderly care provider in Phoenix for more emergency preparedness tips and techniques and talk to your senior about an emergency plan.

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