Questions To Ask a Potential In-Home Caregiver

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

The time may come when you will have to consider an in-home caregiver or memory care in Scottsdale for you or someone in your family. If you go through an agency, many upfront concerns will be handled by them. If you are looking for someone on your own, then it’s best to know exactly what questions to ask them before they are hired by you.

Why are you interested in this type of work? This is the most important question of all. If the potential caregiver can’t give you an answer that satisfies you, then keep on looking. You are looking for someone who exudes a nurturing personality; someone who will have the patience and composure to handle in home care for your loved one.

What specifically makes you qualified for working with my loved one? There are specific training courses and certifications that an in-home caregiver should have or be familiar with. Find out how they will handle things such as bathing, cooking, feeding, dressing, and so on that are specific to your situation. Particularly if there are issues such as stroke or amputation, there are certain ways of lifting and transporting; your potential caregiver should know what these are.

What work experience do you have with others in this field? Anyone you hire should be able to easily show you references or past caregiving information. Look for someone who is at ease working independently. Anyone qualified will be able to tell you about all of their experience in caregiving. Working with people and being a good companion should be readily apparent to you. Non medical care home services should be second nature to a good caregiver.

Will you be comfortable dealing with my loved one’s physical and mental state? This is very important. Some older people or those physically handicapped can often exhibit behaviors such as anger, depression, moodiness, etc. Other seniors may suffer with more serious memory problems such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. An experienced caregiver is well aware of what to expect and can work around any challenging work event.

Be sure to find out what days and times your potential caregiver is available for. How will they be getting back and forth from the job? Is the salary acceptable? Will they agree to a trial period first? Questions such as these will put your mind at ease.

Seeking out elderly care from Cypress HomeCare Solutions, the memory care specialists in Scottsdale, for instance, will be a welcome relief knowing that they are an excellent way to offer your loved one the care they need and deserve.

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