What is Compassionate Care and How to Achieve It For Your Aging Loved Ones?

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Caring for anyone who has health-related issues can be a real challenge. When it comes to deciding what to do with an aging parent or other loved one, there are definite issues that need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

As people live longer lives, there are responsibilities that can seem overwhelming to the family member who is left to deal with them all on their own. As with any other time in their life, now is also a time when compassionate caregiving needs to be recognized.

What Does Compassionate Care Look Like?

Oftentimes, your loved one may still be able to remain at home. They enjoy their independence, but you know there must be someone looking out for them daily. Little, everyday chores may need to be done by someone other than them. This is where hiring a qualified elder care giver can make all the difference.

Be sure that the home your loved one lives in is equipped with safety and security enhancements. Are they able to make a call in an emergency or should they be equipped with a mobile device they can wear around their neck, for instance? Is their home adapted to a wheelchair or hospital bed? Are there stairs and if so, how will they be handled?

Bathroom mats and handles, stairlifts, and remote control devices make an elderly person’s life much easier and should be looked into before a caregiver arrives. Assure that someone who is hard of hearing or has vision loss, will be able to access things easily.

Most importantly, how will medications and meals be dispensed? Elderly people oftentimes forget to eat, or don’t feel like having big meals. Insure that meds are easily accessible and taken every day. Monitoring and medication schedules are a good idea.

Care of the elderly is a task that should be done with practical applications and lots of compassion. If circumstances change, there are care agencies, such as Cypress HomeCare Solutions, an Alzheimer’s specialist in Phoenix, who can step in and provide services at this stage of life.

For now, enjoy your elders and always be looking out for their safety. Provide the proper care and have others come in to do the same, and you can rest assured that any challenge that comes along will be well handled.

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