Motivate, Inspire, & Encourage Senior Loved Ones To Exercise

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Elderly Couple WalkingMotivating elderly loved ones to exercise is not as easy as it seems. Even young people today struggle with getting into a good routine to stay healthy. Every person comes with their own preconceptions, fears and beliefs; but many seniors may also come with physical health challenges and a mental mindset that is not easily open to the idea of exercising. Today’s seniors are perceptive, so the approach is very imperative as is the sensitivity, compassion, and benefits that must be made clear when discussing the idea of having them exercise. Whether it’s providing the latest statistics that will convince them that the benefits of adopting an exercise program at their age could prevent them from immobility and infirmity to showing them the friendships, fun, and active lifestyle exercising can provide. But most importantly, come equipped with a positive attitude and loads of patience and kindness.

Important Disclosure: Always get a physician’s advice. Ask for help in determining what times of physical activity will be suit your health and overall condition.

Explain The Benefits of Exercising

Explaining the wondering benefits of exercise, which include increased bone density, prevention, blood flow, and regulation of disease, improved mood and a great sense of self- efficacy is a good way to help them understand the importance but it also shows your love and care for them. Many seniors also enjoy the social atmosphere of group exercise, and being active can help them continue to enjoy doing the active things they love doing, well into their later years. Suggest social activities for them. Participation in exercise and other physical activities which are social in nature can improve a senior’s sense of belonging and have a positive influence on their mental state. The camaraderie that develops between participants in exercise programs can increase participationand make exercise more enjoyable. Some examples of social activities for seniors include aquatic aerobics, line or ballroom dancing, yoga, and stretching exercises.

Just Have Fun!

One of the hard things to come to conclude with life is that as we all get older we face unfavorable downfalls such as losing long term friends, spouses, and relatives. Feeling lonely and at times hopeless can overcome anyone. You must provide constant, consistent reassurance to your senior loved one, not only the benefits, but your support that exercise programs geared specifically for elderly people a safe haven where they can connect with other seniors and develop friendships while having fun! Be sure you also get them some new exercise clothing to further instill motivation. Steering the towards clothes that will make them feel more attractive and powerful.
Finding the motivation to exercise can be challenging even to us, but getting them to realize the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise is crucial, not only is it good for their health but it can be fun and stimulating too! For help or suggestions on getting your senior loved one motivated with exercise, contact us today!

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