Family Caregivers Performing Medical Tasks

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Being a caregiver for loved one is hard work. Family members often hesitate to hire help due to resistance from their relative, financial concerns, or worry about finding someone they can trust. Yet a caregiver might be necessary for many caregivers, who often lack the skills needed to perform medical caregiving tasks.

Here are a few of the medical/nursing related tasks that caregivers have to perform:

  • Changing bandages
  • Cleaning catheters
  • Dispensing Medication

Transamerica research indicates that among family caregivers who perform these medical related tasks, only about half say they learned them from medical staff.

The key is to find a company that not only provides care but also trains family caregivers to perform some medical related tasks so they can better care for their loved ones.

Cypress Home care has the resources to support and train family caregivers to correctly and efficiently perform medical related caregiving tasks. One such resource is the Joan S Roth caregiver training lab. This training lab was established in 2005. While the lab is used on a regular basis to train employees it’s also available for free to the community as a place where family caregivers can learn and prepare for all the tasks involved in being a caregiver.

By definition (and by law), home care workers cannot perform certain medical or nursing tasks, but they can and should be able to help with some more common daily health concerns. They should also have emergency training. To learn more about Cypress Home Care or the Joan S. Roth training lab, contact us today.

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