Connecticut Raises Wage for Homecare Workers

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Fox61 revealed homecare workers in Connecticut were lobbying for higher wages. This month, the CT Post reported homecare workers’ wage will be raised to $16.25 by 2020. Most make under $14.25 per hour, and some less than $13.53. According to the CT Mirror, caregivers will also be eligible for worker’s compensation. This is crucial for caregivers hurt on the job.

According to Payscale, Arizona Caregivers make $8.72 to $12.62 an hour. Neuvoo, on the other hand, reports $19/hour.

Why This is Good News

One of the witnesses of this general assembly debate was Mary Caruso. Mary is a mother of two young adults who use caregivers. They have Friedreich’s ataxia, a neurological condition. Her daughter, Alex, is a wheel chair user.

Mary is a member of the PCA Workforce Council (Personal Care Attendant). Caregivers are a vital part of her children’s lives. She supports the raise, saying it will help produce a stable workforce for the disabled.

Should You Be Concerned?

A client’s relationship with their caregiver is vital. For many, they can no longer imagine life without their caregiver. So, if a similar wage raise hits Arizona, will clients not be able to afford caregivers?

Just like Mary said, if raises for caregivers are given, that means more people entering the home care work field. With more people employed as caregivers, caregiving agencies may be able to cut back on service prices. If anything, low wages may increase cost for clients because it leads to less people in the caregiving field.

Love Your Caregiver

Remember that when your caregiver clocks out, they’re starting their second shift at home. Caregivers may have families to feed and children to take care of. They deserve to be able to support themselves and the ones closest to them. Low wages will only impact their level of caregiving negatively.

At Cypress Homecare Solutions, we’re just as concerned for our employees as our clients. If you or a loved one are in need of a caregiver, contact us today.

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