Assistive Technology for Seniors 2018

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Technology doesn’t have to be an obstacle; it can assist older adults in activities of daily living. There are countless new tools out there created to make older adults’ lives easier. Here are some of the few options available to assist your loved ones to remain independent and empowered in their own homes.


Liftware creates self-steadying kitchen cutlery. Think of a steady cam, but for spoons and forks. This innovative product can help older adults who struggle with tremors and those living with Parkinson’s.

USB Dolphin SuperNova Magnifier

Reading text on a computer can be difficult for older adults with poor vision. SuperNova magnifies text up to 64 times or roughly 3 lines a page. It comes as a USB, allowing the user to avoid the hassle of clicking and downloading.


While Roomba was not made for older adults, this machine can help them greatly. They can find it very difficult to clean with heavy vacuums or get on their hands and knees. A Roomba is a small, circular vacuum that moves itself around your home, getting into the tightest nooks and crannies.

Reminder Rosie

Reminder Rosie is a voice-controlled clock that allows you to record up to 25 messages that will play at designated times and serve as a reminder for your loved ones. This clock is perfect for those struggling with remembering tasks like taking medication or taking out the recycling.

Electronic Caregiver

This stylish wrist-worn pendant has built in activity-detection technology, meaning your loved one will receive help if they’re too injured to press a button. Medication management, EMT operators and round the clock access to a doctor are just a few of the things that make Electronic Caregiver unique.

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