What Families Need to Know About Fall Prevention

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

One of the advantages of working with an in-home personal care agency is the expertise and practical experience the professional staff can offer. Prior to care beginning, a complete in-home safety assessment is performed to assist the family in addressing any possible areas of concern for older adults or folks with mobility issues.

The Client Services Coordinator can suggest ways to create a safer home environment but cannot actually install the necessary equipment. Professionals like those from Measurabilities use clinical guidance to ensure installation of such equipment is both safe and effective.

Stairs and Steps

Steps and stairs are the two of the biggest concerns for falls in the home. For clients with significant balance and mobility issues, a stair lift system is a safe option to consider. This allows the individual to ascend and descend safely using a power or battery-operated lift that installs on an existing wall.

Other options include secure handrails and grab bars located along the stairs and steps and around the front and back door. Removing any loose rugs or mats at the top of the stairs can also greatly reduce the risk of falls.

Avoid Stretching or Reaching

Consider reorganizing storage in all rooms of the home to have the most commonly used items in lower storage areas, eliminating the need to reach up or use a step stool. Specialized grabbing tools called reachers or pick up tools are also helpful to avoid having to bend low or stretch and reach high.

Rugs, Mats, and Floors

Loose rugs or mats are particularly hazardous for older adults.  By removing these and replacing them with installed carpeting, the risk of falls is greatly reduced. Additionally, non-slip rubber mats can be used in the shower and bath to prevent slips and falls, and grab bars can be strategically positioned around the bathroom for additional support.

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