Animals as Healers: Pet Therapy

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Pet therapy involves a guided interaction between a client and a trained animal. The treatment is designed to help someone recover from a mental or physical health issue, or to simply offer love and support to pet lovers.

What Animals are Used?

Dogs and cats are the most commonly used animals for this type of therapy. The animal/s used for the treatment, though, can also include fish, horses, guinea pigs, and more, depending on the treatment plan of the patient.

What Can Pet Therapy Cure?

In many cases, pet therapy can provide help to clients with dementia. Dementia care that involves pet therapy coupled with in-home caregiving in Phoenix can significantly improve the quality of life for the diagnosed and their family. This kind of care can increase the social activity of clients with dementia and lift their spirits. It offers social stimulation and encourages them to communicate. People with substance abuse and depression can also benefit from the treatment, as it gives them something else to focus on.

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits of effective pet therapy in Phoenix. The treatment can improve motor skills along with joint movement. It can improve self-esteem levels, boost social skills, and make for improved interaction with others. With pets, clients can be happier, reducing depression and improving their outlook in life. Pets can also provide companionship which can eliminate or reduce the loneliness and isolation some clients might feel, especially among the elderly wherein a huge portion of the population suffers from loneliness. For pet lovers who can no longer care for one on their own, pet therapy dogs can offer physical benefits too. The presence of pets will cause endorphins to be released in their system helping to reduce physical pain. Pet therapy dogs can also serve as motivation for physical therapy and increased mobility.

How Does it Work?

Animal-assisted therapy will involve visits of a trained animal, like an assistance dog, to your loved one’s hospital room or home. The dog and its handler will probably stay for about ten to fifteen minutes. In most cases, the client can pet the dog. Even from one visit, clients immediately feel an improvement in their mood.

Should I Ask for One?

If you’re looking for other ways to help your parents or grandparents, make sure you reach out to a reputable agency for assistance. Agencies like Cypress HomeCare Solutions offer Phoenix in-home care services, pet therapy, and dementia care which can be a great supportive package for those wanting to age at home. Call today to see how Lacey, Cypress’ pet therapy dog can assist you and your loved ones.

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