Alzheimer’s Care: Simple Tips for Daily Tasks

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Being a caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, takes dedication, patience, and the ability to roll with certain circumstances as they present themselves. It’s a complicated task to manage a complicated disease.

Here’s how you can make the daily tasks involving Alzheimer’s care easier.

Having Patience

People with Alzheimer’s become tired and frustrated easily. Everyday tasks that they used to perform become difficult. Decisions that were once second nature become a confusing series of steps.

Simplify memory care at home, but remain flexible when it comes to caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Reduce distractions. Reducing distractions allows the person to focus on the issue at hand, whether it is a meal, a conversation, or even getting ready to sleep. Turn off the TV, turn down the radio, and establish a routine to follow throughout the day.
  2. Observe to find out which part of the day your loved one is the most alert and lucid. Schedule things like doctors’ appointments, visitors, and bathing when they are feeling their best.
  3. Reduce choices, but keep some available. People with early Alzheimer’s remember that they were once better at making decisions and remembering things. They can get frustrated when there are suddenly too many choices or familiar tasks become complex. By offering very few options, you can still allow them to choose which outfit they wish to wear for the day, or favorite foods, snacks, or meals.
  4. Create a safe space. People with Alzheimer’s are prone to falling. Prevent tripping, slipping, and falling by installing grab bars and handrails where needed; remove clutter and things that can trip an unstable older person.

Forestall Fatigue

Caregiver fatigue is not a buzzword or an excuse, but a very real hazard to those who are providing Alzheimer’s care for loved one. In turn, caregiver fatigue is a hazard to the person with Alzheimer’s. Respite care for your loved one from a specially trained dementia caregiver at Cypress HomeCare Solutions in Phoenix can be an important part of the caregiver’s self-care support team. Call today for a free in-home assessment.

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