How Necessary is Daily In-Home Alzheimer’s Care?

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

The decision to care for an elderly loved one with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia comes with a host of new responsibilities. To make sure their loved one receives the range of services he or she needs, families turn to in-home services.

Companion Services

Juggling work and caregiving responsibilities mean you may never have enough time to supervise your aging parent. If that’s the case, then hiring a caregiver for companion services can do a lot to alleviate the stress of trying to be in two places at once. With someone to spend time with your parent, you won’t have to worry about them being alone in the house. You have someone to help plan them recreational activities and pay them visits when you can’t.

Personal Care Services

If your loved one cannot bathe, dress, or eat on their own anymore, or has difficulty managing everyday tasks, then finding a home care agency that provides personal care services is a huge help. With someone to provide toileting and grooming assistance along with any other type of personal care necessary, you know your loved one is comfortable, looked after, and eating right.

Homemaker Help

People with Alzheimer’s disease will require assistance around the home. Having someone to handle light housekeeping chores, grocery errands, meal preparation, and more makes all the difference when you have your hands full trying to see to all the details of caring for a sick and aging loved one at home.

Alzheimer’s Care

Families caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s need to be prepared for what’s ahead. People with Alzheimer’s will require specialized care. That means finding an agency that offer Alzheimer’s Care that provide your loved one with what they need, depending on the different stages of the disease.

Memory Care

One of the most devastating aspects of caring for a client with Alzheimer’s disease is watching them slowly forget you. But there are ways to slow down the degeneration of their mental capability. That’s where in-home memory care comes in. By getting someone to engage your loved one mentally and physically, their mind can stay sharp longer. That gives the diagnosed person and the care partners an enhanced quality of life at home.

Providing care at home may be the right solution for your family. But don’t take on everything by yourself. Hire professional assistance. Know more about Alzheimer’s care services. Contact Cypress HomeCare Solutions today.

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