Effective Approaches to Dementia Care

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

For many families, providing care for a loved one with dementia often means addressing and meeting their physical and clinical needs. It’s easy to lose sight of other things. That oversight is exactly what the new approach to dementia care corrects. By paying addressing and validating the emotions of people with dementia, care providers help the diagnosed to live a meaningful life.

How Dementia Care Helps

Instead of putting the sole focus of the care experience on providing for the physical needs of the person, caregivers now place equal focus on the emotions of their clients with dementia. The logic behind the shift is simple. Clients with dementia no longer respond cognitively. That puts logic and reason out of the equation. But they are still full of emotions and finding a way to connect with those emotions can help them maintain a connection to family and caregivers, resulting in better quality of life.

Finding Care Assistance

When you start looking for dementia care in Phoenix, ask the caregiving agency about the services they offer. What kind of help and assistance can they provide your loved one and family? What kind of philosophy do they follow? Are their caregiver trained in dementia care? If they are only trained to see to the physical care of your loved one, look elsewhere.

Why Hire from an Agency

Caregiving agencies can make the hunt for the perfect caregiver much easier. A reputable agency screens its caregivers, ensures they have the proper credentials, trains them and assesses their experience to determine which client they are the best fit for. They manage your caregivers and make sure they can cover your needs. For instance, there may be an emergency and your caregiver may not be available. Instead of scrambling to find another caregiver yourself, the agency will send a competent replacement for you. When you already have your hands full caring for a person with dementia, having that kind of assistance can be a godsend.

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