The Benefits of Good Sleep: Adjusting to the Holidays with a Loved One with Dementia     

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

The holidays are a busy, stressful, and potentially-difficult time for everyone. For those living with and caring for a loved one with dementia, that stress can be increased tenfold. It’s important to find ways for both the caregiver and loved one to get the rest they need to ensure the best ongoing quality of life – for the holidays and beyond.

Here’s how getting better sleep will benefit caregivers and those with dementia alike and lead to better, more enjoyable holidays:

How Sleep Helps – and How to Get it

Research shows how individuals with dementia benefit from better sleep. It is important to focus on rest – even during the busy season of the holidays – to ensure that their health stays as stable as possible.

But what about caregivers? It’s important for every member of the family to get sufficient rest during this eventful time of year, but finding time to do so when you’re providing care to someone with dementia can be difficult. For those who are typically providers, this is the time of year to carve out time for ones’ self. Phoenix in-home caregiving professionals recommend taking regular breaks for naps and trips out of the house without your loved one, when possible, to refresh the spirit and mind.

The benefits of improving sleep for the caregiver are plentiful:

  • Increased alertness
  • Improved mood
  • Relief of stomach aches, headaches, and other common symptoms of insufficient rest
  • Enhanced immunity against cold and flu season germs
  • Being a better, more attentive caregiver

Putting Care into Action During the Holidays

The holidays are a time when friends and family gather in great numbers, this can be a source of tension for the person with dementia. Engaging in smaller group activities can reduce stress for both the caregiver and diagnosed person. Having lots of family around can also be a source of relief for the caregiver. Assigning a close family member to care for the person with dementia gives the care partner a break.

Discussing and scheduling these breaks ahead of time can help everyone better prepare. When necessary, reach out to loved ones to provide this relief during regular days – not special occasions. Also, consider hiring a professional Phoenix dementia care provider to offer the knowledgeable support you need to find more time to rest and relax.

Finding time to sleep during the holiday season can be difficult for anyone, so it’s understandable for full-time caregivers for those with dementia to struggle. However, with the help of friends, family, and professional providers, even the busiest people can find time to improve their health with more rest and better sleep – and enjoy the holiday season the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

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