National Kidney Month

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

While people of all ages can develop kidney disease, people who are over the age of 60 are much more vulnerable and at risk of these conditions. If you want to keep your elderly loved ones from getting kidney problems, then read on how hiring Phoenix in-home care services can help.

Eat Healthy

If your parents seem to be having a difficult time preparing their meals, then it may be time to consider getting in-home caregivers who can assist them with this task. From doing grocery runs to replenishing their pantries and cooking them healthy meals, you can rest easy, knowing that they aren’t skipping meals and they’re eating right.

Be Active

People who stay physically active as they age tend to be in better shape and be healthier overall. One way you can motivate your elderly loved ones to exercise and stay active is to hire an in-home caregiver who can accompany them on their daily walks and who can encourage them to do a bit of exercise. That way, your loved ones won’t stay cooped up in bed or home for too long.

Keep their Weight in Check

When you secure the services of a skilled caregiver who can provide in-home assistance, you can rest assured knowing that someone has eyes on your parents. Even though you can’t be there with them all the time, you have someone there to remind them to keep a balanced diet. You can also ask the caregiver to provide meals that are compliant with the medication or diet that the doctors have prescribed for your parents. That way, they can keep their weight in check, preventing any kidney conditions from developing.

Encourage Fluid Intake

A lot of people often forget to take in the daily recommended amount of water. Ask the caregiver to note down the water intake of your parents and make sure they both have more than ample fluid intake. Keep in mind that hydration is essential to help kidneys function properly. If they keep forgetting to drink water, that could lead to kidney problems.

By getting a caregiver, you have someone to make it easier for your parents to live independently and take care of themselves, National Kidney Month and beyond. If you are interested in getting a free in-home assessment for Phoenix in-home care services, contact Cypress HomeCare Solutions for more details.

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