5 Signs of Breast Cancer

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Of all breast cancer cases, 80% are diagnosed in women over 50 and 60% are found in women over 65. Women in their 30s have a 1-in-233 chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer, while women in their 80s have a 1-in-8 chance. The average diagnosis is now at age 62. Therefore, it’s important that older women get screened for breast cancer and know the important signs to look for:


If you feel any lumps or nodes on or inside of the breast, that’s the number one sign of breast cancer.

Swelling of the Breast

Increase in breast size or shape can indicate breast cancer. Even swelling of just a part of a breast is also a sign.

Changes in the Skin

Breast cancer can often come with changes in skin such as irritation, dimpling, redness, scaliness, and thickening.

Breast or Nipple Pain

Pain in the breast or nipple is also a sign of breast cancer. Pain from the nipple may come from peeling or flaking.

Nipple Retraction or Discharge

Another sign of breast cancer is the nipple turning inward, or retracting. This is different from inverted nipples, which some women will have from the beginning of puberty. Any kind of discharge, other than breast milk, is also a sign.

Home Care for Cancer

Finding out an older loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer is frightening, especially when your loved one lives alone. Families during this time will consider moving their loved one in with them which take a physical and emotional toll on them. However, when you hire professional home care providers in Phoenix, your loved ones will receive companionship, medication reminders, transportation to doctors’ appointments, and more. For Phoenix home care giving services, contact Cypress HomeCare Solutions today.

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