The Heartbreaking Stats on Elder Abuse

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Elder abuse is an all-too-common reality in the world of retirement and nursing homes. But did you know that even in private homes people are taking advantage of and abusing their aging loved ones every day in surprising numbers? Perhaps the most heartbreaking fact of all is that the majority of this abuse isn’t carried out by random strangers, but by those who know these people intimately.

Swindling Your Own Grandmother

There has long been a colloquial saying about people being so bad that they would “steal from their own grandmother.” Unfortunately, in the world of elder care, many providers don’t just see this happen, they notice it taking place regularly.

Nearly 50% of all reported cases of elder abuse involve confirmed relatives. Of these, over 60% involve the theft of or intentional mishandling of money. Seniors often unknowingly hand over control of their accounts to loved ones who they assume have their best interests in mind, only to end up taken advantage of.

Other Types of Abuse

Being quietly robbed isn’t the only way aging Americans are victimized. More studies are being conducted, but an estimated ten percent of seniors currently report being abused, with far more likely not to be reporting it.

An estimated third of all seniors are emotionally abused. One in five are neglected. And more than ten percent are physically abused. Sexual abuse is much less common in seniors, but it does occur, especially within the female population.

This abuse does not all occur at the hands of loved ones and friends. It is also due to inattentive or inappropriate care given by those trusted with providing professional care for seniors. Whether these are medical providers or in-home caregivers, they are all trusted with the welfare of the clients they serve – and the abuse that nearly one in every ten seniors suffer results in a breach of that trust.

Elder care doesn’t have to result in these sad situations. Finding the right provider is a big part of creating a scenario that gives your loved one independence and dignity, while also granting them the care and support they need.

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