Making Thanksgiving Easier for Your Older Loved Ones

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Thanksgiving is time to celebrate being with our friends and family. Many, however, are anxious of the holidays as they worry about their older loved ones – will they be able to handle such a big event and all it entails? This Thanksgiving, Cypress HomeCare Solutions wants you to feel confident in taking care of your loved ones and ensure they have a good time. Here’s our advice on how to make the upcoming holiday easier on your older loved one.

Food Tips

Your older loved one might be weary of the food served at Thanksgiving if they’re unable to chew easily. Ensure lots of soft food for them such as mashed potatoes, boiled vegetables, and corn bread. Be careful of putting crunchy nuts in salads, pies, and stuffing. Consider baking foods such as a bread, turkey, and ham so that they are not too chewy.

Travel Tips

Older people are often weary of uncomfortable, long car rides. To make ensure they’re as comfortable as possible, have a blanket, pillow, and/or a support cushion in the car. If your older loved one takes medication, make sure you bring it! If our Phoenix Thanksgiving is particularly cold, we recommend warming up the car before any older people get inside.

Caregiver Tips

If your older loved one utilizes caregiving services, ask the caregiver if they are available to work during Thanksgiving. If not, ask the agency if they employ any caregivers during Thanksgiving. If your loved one does not have a caregiver, that does not mean they can’t benefit from caregiving services during the holiday! Professional caregiving agencies can schedule a caregiver just for the holiday.

Caregivers can help eliminate much of the stress that comes with helping older loved ones during the holidays. Need a caregiver this Thanksgiving? Contact Cypress HomeCare Solutions today.

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