Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

One in six drivers in the U.S. are 65 years or older. They are more than twice as likely to have a medical problem or condition that makes driving difficult, compared to those aged 24-64. Four out of five older people take medication daily, which can cause side effects that impact driving.

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is December 2nd – 6th. Cypress HomeCare Solutions is dedicated to safe driving tips and how caregivers can help.

Tips for Older Drivers

Becoming older doesn’t mean you have to stop driving. However, because of vision, cognition, and physical changes that come with getting older, it’s important that older drivers follow some helpful tips:

  • Talk with your doctor about any issues that may impact your driving
  • Talk with your doctor or pharmacist about side effects of your medications that affect driving:
    • Blurred vision
    • Dizziness
    • Drowsiness
    • Confusion
    • Fatigue
    • Loss of consciousness
  • Set up yearly appointments with your optometrist to ensure your vision gets any correction it needs
  • Plan your route before driving

What Puts Older Drivers at Risk?

Not all older people have trouble driving, and driving issues are never due to age itself. Problems that older people tend to have that can affect driving, though, are heart disease, dementia, sleep disorders, being hard of hearing, and vision issues. These all raise the risk of car accidents. As mentioned, prescription and over-the-counter medication can affect driving safety, including those used for sleep, mood, pain, and allergies.

How Caregivers Can Help

Caregivers can provide transportation for your older loved ones which helps them maintain their independence and increases their safety. For more information on our caregivers, contact us today or call (602) 264-8009.

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