Four Things to Consider When Hiring A Home Caregiver

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

It is always difficult to make the call regarding whether you should hire home care services for your older loved one. Yet this is a decision that an increasing number of Americans must make, not only in the future but right in this moment. It is estimated that nearly 70% of all Americans turning 65 will require long-term care at one point or another. Understandably, a lot of people would rather care for their older loved one on their own. But for several reasons this does not always work out. For one thing, caregiving is a full-time job and can be difficult to maintain alongside another full-time job.

Even older people who are still independent often require a lot of extra care and you cannot simply give up your job to provide that kind of care. Chances are you’re not only providing financial support for yourself but to your family and an aging loved one as well. Furthermore, it can be very emotionally taxing to give the kind of care that older people often require, which can result in your relationship with them deteriorating rapidly. Therefore, many people find it best to hire professionals. Yet home care is so personal that choosing the right professional can be incredibly intimidating.

There is not a lack of qualified professionals providing home care services. Just because someone is qualified does not mean that they are good at their job, or for that matter the right person to help care for your older loved one. Chances are that you will need to interview several companies before making your final decision. So, what should you look for in a home care services provider?

1. Empathy

One of the most important things you need to look for in a home care services provider, whether you are looking at an individual or a company that provides individual caregivers, is empathy. When older people require home care services, they often need them due to a severe physical or mental decline. Therefore, it is important that a good caregiver has serious empathy and can understand the needs both you and your loved one. Chances are that this transition will be difficult for you both, but it becomes easier when you work with someone who has genuine empathy.

2. Patience

On that level, a caregiver must be prepared for unexpected occurrences, as well as trying scenarios that may test their patience. Even you may test your caregiver’s patience without realizing it; perhaps because you require their services unexpectedly, or because you are asking a lot of questions and scrutinizing their work. After all, you are dealing with the care of an older loved one who may not be able to fully speak up for themselves. Therefore, a good caregiver, particularly one providing dementia care, must have a lot of patience.

3. Observance

After a while, your home care provider may spend more time with your older loved one than you do. Do not feel bad about this; it is simply because caring for your loved one is their full-time job. This means that it is incredibly important for them to be observant, and to notice changes in your loved one. As a person ages, their health can change drastically rather quickly, and these changes must be addressed as soon as possible. Therefore, an observant nature is vital in a caregiver.

4. Experience

The fact is that some caregivers or companies will offer services that cost less, this is often because they are less experienced, but experience is vital for home caregivers. No matter how much someone studies and prepares to be a caregiver, some level of true experience, which cannot be acquired during the training process, is necessary. A reputable home care agency will have done the background and reference checks to ensure your loved one receives the best care possible.

This is a stressful time but the sooner you hire the right person, the less stressed you will be. Call Cypress HomeCare Solutions to learn more.

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