How to Talk About In Home Care with Your Loved One

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

The average life expectancy for Americans has more than doubled over the last century, currently at 78.7 years. The Population Reference Bureau estimates there will be over 95 million older persons above 65 by 2040. They will make approximately 24% of the total count.

Most Americans above 65 (nearly 90%) say they prefer to age in place. As a primary caregiver, you may require outside help through in home care service to assist you in taking care of your loved one. However, most families fail to bring up the topic of home care, viewing it as an argument in waiting. To put off the antagonistic discussions, most primary caregivers prefer to put it off.

Waiting for too long may have negative effects on you and your loved one. Here are four tips that you can use to broach the subject. With a great deal and patience and tact on your side, you can discuss with them the importance of in home care.

1. Have an Open and Candid Discussion

You may need to pick out the right time and setting to bring up the topic. You can start by expressing how much you enjoy looking after them but are concerned about their safety whenever you aren’t present. Avoid any accusatory tones as it may degrade the conversation to a shouting match. You may need to take time to let them process what you say. Springing up the notion of in home care will make them defensive and resist it at first.

2. Talk About the Benefits

You may need to present in home personal care as a necessary and desirable option. You may need to be tactful to avoid hurting their feelings or making them feel like a burden. Elaborate on your concerns about their safety, health, and hygiene. You can compare in home care with other services such as assisted living. Most seniors prefer to age in place, and contrasting with other options can see the benefits of home care.

3. Try to View It from Their Perspective

42% of older persons who prefer to age in place say the choice to live under their own rules is a key reason for staying at home. You may need to respect their independence and freedom while making the choice. Certain arguments may sound irrational to you but could be legitimate concerns for them. Try to find the reasons behind their resistance to customize home care services and address them one after another. Do not act as if your decision is final. Involve them in the decision-making process by presenting your ideas as suggestions.

4. Compromise with Respite Care as a Start

It can be relatively difficult for your loved one to adjust to in home care, especially when they have jitters about it. You can suggest a compromise where you can slowly introduce the secondary caregiver to them through respite care services. Present it as a short-term trial period. You can take a break during the few hours the caregiver is present to allow them to slowly gain the trust of your parent.

In home care solutions can assist you in looking after your aging loved one. You may need to take care of how you introduce the subject to them. If you have any challenges in having a candid discussion about home care with your parent, our experts at Cypress Home Care can give you a helping hand.

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