Is It Time to Consider in Home Care Solutions?

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

The American population is gradually aging, with the average life expectancy nearly doubling from a century ago. 15% of the population is currently above 65, and this figure is set to hit 24% by the year 2040. Additionally, nine out of ten older people say that they wish to age-in-place.

While your loved one may enjoy the freedom and independence of aging in place for a while, a time will come when they will need additional help. Caregiver’s guilt may hold you back from initiating a conversation about transitioning to in home care solutions. Here are five indicators that may point out that your loved one requires in home care.

1. Poor Nutrition

You may need to take note of your older loved one’s diet. Drastic weight loss or gain may be a sign of unhealthy eating habits. While appetite and metabolism change gradually as one gets older, your loved one still needs the nutrients to keep them strong and healthy. In home care solutions can allocate a caregiver to their home to do grocery shopping and cook healthier meals.

2. Social Isolation

Loss of interest in activities that your loved one previously enjoyed is a huge indicator that you need to intervene. A research paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that an older person experiencing solitude and isolation is at a higher risk of mortality than their social peer. Loneliness can also increase the risk of dementia and depression. In home care services can provide a caregiver to give your loved one company and socialize with them.

3. Unhygienic Conditions in the Home

Your loved ones may fall back on their daily tasks and chores. It may become difficult to stand for long periods as they age. If you notice that the house is always a mess or dirty every time you visit, it may be time to consider in home care solutions. Older adults may see personal hygiene tasks and household chores as tiring or unsafe. Hiring home care services can eliminate the stress of housekeeping, allowing your loved one to live in a neat and safe home.

4. It’s No Longer Safe for Them to Drive

For most Americans, the hallmark of independence is the moment that they get their driver’s license in their teens. However, increasing mobility issues and cognitive decline may make it unsafe for your parent to continue sitting behind the wheel. Homecare solutions may provide a caregiver that will drive your loved one to their doctor’s appointments and social events.

5. Recovering from an Illness

It’s estimated that there will be 147,950 new colorectal cancer cases in 2020. The National Council on Aging estimates that 80% of older people over 65 have one chronic condition, with 68% having two or more. In home care solutions may help you look after your recovering parent by preparing their meals, doing their house chores, and reminding them to take their medications.

Transitioning to in home personal care is a vital decision that you may have to make to keep your loved ones comfortable and healthy as they age in place. If your loved one displays one or more of these signs, you may need to consider home care services. To schedule an in home assessment for your loved one in Phoenix, AZ, contact Cypress Homecare Solutions.

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