6 Must-Have Qualities for Professional Caregivers

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

It is estimated that about 70% of Americans will need caregiver services once they turn 65. Unfortunately, taking care of an older person can be challenging, demanding, and overwhelming.

If you have an elderly loved one, you understand that caregiving is not a job for everyone. As such, you should only leave them with home care professionals from trusted in home care services providers.

Here are six must-have qualities that make professional caregivers stand out.

1. Effective Communication Skills

Professional caregivers must possess good communication skills. They should know when to talk and when to listen. They should also use simple and concise words to communicate effectively with the elderly.

In addition, they need to be articulate since they will interact with doctors, nurses, and family members when relaying information about their clients.

2. Empathy

Empathetic individuals try to fit themselves in other people’s shoes. Professional caregivers need to understand the challenges and limitations the older person is facing and show affection. Doing so will make caring for your older loved one easier and improve the quality of care they give.

Besides, being empathetic improves the relationship between a professional caregiver and client since they will have an innate desire to alleviate their distress.

3. Patience

Patience is a must-have attribute for professional caregivers. With this quality, they are fit to handle your loved ones who face significant physical ailments, mental conditions, and limited communication skills.

They may be required to clean up the client’s messes frequently or calm their clients down when they are irrational. A professional caregiver exercises patience when dealing with your elderly loved one.

4. Keen Observer

A professional caregiver also needs to be observant. Remember, their job involves taking care of someone who might have mild cognitive impairment. So they must be able to tell when the client needs urgent medical attention or when they are trying to conceal their deteriorating health.

Skilled caregivers should also be good at decoding body language. Many times an older person may not communicate effectively through speech. Instead, their body language could convey their message.

5. Organization

To be a home care professional, one needs to be organized. This means they will have specific locations to store everything, including medication, and have time to attend to all matters requiring their attention. Staying organized has proved to be lifesaving, especially during emergencies when every second counts.

6. Know Some Basics

It is impossible to plan for every medical emergency. For this reason, home care professionals must be knowledgeable about common ailments that affect the elderly. They also need to be CPR, and First Aid Certified as these skills can help them save a life.

Many professional caregivers possess the skills mentioned above. These are the best people to take care of your older loved one. At Cypress Homecare Solutions, we offer compassionate in-home personal care services in Scottsdale and Phoenix. Call us today to get a free in-home care assessment for your loved one!

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