4 Reasons Why In Home Care is Important

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

As we age, we may not lose the ability to enjoy certain things in life, but we do have a diminished ability to take care of ourselves. In the days of yore, family members would stay around in close proximity to take care of aging family members, but since we are so spread out now with work and family obligations this may no longer be the case for you. Instead of feeling despair at needing help but having nobody around that you trust, we’d like to present another solution: in home care.

When you look into in home care solutions, it might seem too good to be true. Someone will really come and help you with groceries, climbing the stairs, or cleaning your attic? It’s almost like hiring a friend or relative to be around you whenever you need them. Let us tell you right now: it’s neither too good to be true nor is it something to brush away. In this article, we’ll delve into why in-home care is important and how it can help you or your older loved ones now.

We Have an Aging Population

Did you know that by 2030, six out of 10 Baby Boomers will be managing a chronic condition? It’s true that we have an aging population in the USA, and chances are that you’re either part of that population or have an aging loved one that will soon enter it. Instead of wondering how they will take care of themselves when you’re away or doing other things, know that there are a wonderful variety of in-home care services that will be only too glad to help your older loved one out with a variety of tasks. In many cases, you may even be able to choose from a variety of providers so that you find the perfect fit.

It’s Cost Effective

If you think about what it would cost to have an older relative live somewhere else, or move to be assisted by relatives, the cost of in home care quickly becomes more reasonable. This can be important if your older loved one is living on a fixed income (such as Social Security) or your family has a limited pool of resources to help. Instead of outsourcing their living environment somewhere else, they can stay at home and maintain the standards that they’ve always had for net cost savings. From cooking to entertainment that’s already present in their home, the cost savings compound when you look at a variety of factors that people must spend money on to live a good life.

Maintain Dignity

When you think about times in your life that you’ve had roommates or shared spaces, it can often come with a reduced sense of dignity in your life. Having your own space that you’ve cultivated and placed everything just so gives people an immense sense of pride and well-being. By choosing in home care instead of other living situations, you allow your older loved ones to keep the dignity that they have in their living situation and soldier on with a better mental attitude. Dignity can be everything to those who are aging and have reduced capacities in other areas of their life, allowing them to still experience joy and wonder in their twilight years.

It Provides a Safety Net

Surely we have all seen a commercial for a popular product that promises to alert loved ones if an older person falls and can’t get up. Instead of having to wait for help, why not have someone inside the home to immediately help an older loved one get up if they fall somewhere? Especially with the high incidence of older individuals falling from steps, stairs, or in the shower, having someone who provides in home care there to immediately respond can sometimes be a lifesaver.

A Friend When You Need One Most

At the end of the day, the benefits of in home care are wide and varied. From helping older loved ones escape the perils of daily life to enabling cost savings and maintaining dignity, there are lots of reasons to pursue in home care for your older loved one. Instead of pursuing other situations, allow them to live with dignity in their home.

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