How In-Home Personal Care Helps Our Older Loved Ones

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

At some point in our life, we get to a point where we’re old enough that we need help with things. Just like the beginning when we were a child, we may have the mental capacity to want things but can no longer physically do them. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have friendly helpers that allowed us to keep our independence while dictating how we want to live our lives? That’s where in-home care services come in handy.

In-home personal care is a sort of gift that you can give your older loved ones if you’re not physically around to help them out. Almost like hiring a friendly neighbor or relative, in-home personal care helps older individuals with doing daily tasks that they can no longer complete themselves. It allows them the ability to retain autonomy and dignity over their lives while actually getting things done in the process.

Assistance With Daily Responsibilities

Having an elderly loved one can bring a lot of stress for the family. Remembering little things such as taking out the garbage and cleaning up after themselves can become a bit more challenging without in-home personal care assistance. While those daily chores are important, it doesn’t compare to our older loved ones who may have conditions that require certain treatment. In-home personal care providers are able to maintain that the individual is staying on their medication regimen by reminding them to take their pills regularly and at the appropriate time. Having this service gives peace of mind to everyone involved, and ensures that all responsibilities are being taken care of.

Reduce Loneliness and Depression in Older Ones

Many in-home personal care providers are warm and friendly spirits that love the work they do. In a way, their compensation is not just monetary, but in developing relationships with the older ones that they help take care of. Many older individuals do not have very active social lives, and so they tend to rely on visits from relatives, strangers, and in-home personal care providers for a good dose of conversation and kinship. Some older people have even become so attached to their in-home personal care providers and nurses that they treat them just the same as they would a son or daughter. It should then be no surprise that having one of these professionals around can greatly reduce loneliness and depression in older individuals, something that they constantly battle.

Demand Will Only Be Increasing

In the future, demand for in-home personal care will only be increasing. Therefore, it might be worth getting acquainted with it now. According to the Institute on Aging, by 2010, 5.5 million Americans lived to the age of 85+. By 2050, this 85+ age group will climb to 19 million Americans — or 5% of the total population. When your loved one (or you, at some point) becomes part of this demographic, surely you will want the best in-home personal care that can be provided. When you want an oven-baked meal or need a toilet cleaned but can’t do it yourself, in-home personal care can be a welcome relief. Especially if you don’t have relatives or others you trust around to help you.

Give the Gift of In-Home Personal Care

If you have an older loved one who is still relatively healthy but needs assistance from time to time, one of the greatest gifts you can provide to them is in-home personal care. Far from being intrusive or disturbing, many older people find that their in-home personal care provider becomes like a sort of trusted friend or relative. Since home care services are highly customizable, they can look forward to knowing that someone will help them take out the trash, clean the kitchen, cook a fancy meal, or plant flowers in their garden. In-home personal care solutions are what you make them, so make them great!

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