Preparing Your Older Loved One for In-home Care

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Taking care of your older loved one by yourself or with family is a demanding, yet commendable, task. However, it may get to a point where you are too busy or need professional help, but you do not know how to go about it. While entrusting a home caregiver with your loved one seems impossible, it goes a long way in ensuring they are safe and well cared for.

It is common to feel like your home is being invaded, making the switch to in-home personal care service hard. Planning for the big switch is vital as it makes your loved one comfortable and well-prepared. But, how do you give them the surety that a caregiver is not an invasion of privacy? How do you explain that it is much-needed professional help?

How to Prepare for In-home Personal Care Service

Home care services for your loved ones are an opportunity to help them age gracefully at the comfort of their home. The caregiver helps them with meal preparations, running errands, light labor work, housekeeping, and many more. There are endless benefits of these services, and to make the most out of them, you ought to plan well.

1. Inform Your Loved Ones, Doctors/Nurses

Before you switch to an in-home personal care service, it may be helpful to inform your loved one’s doctor’s or nurses. The reason being, most caregivers do not provide health services. Therefore, they need to know about any medical conditions, prescriptions, upcoming appointments, and any necessary information. Additionally, give the medical pros your caregivers information in case of any emergencies.

2. Prior Communication With the Caregiver and Family Members

If you have a long list of agencies to select from, interview them and get to know them better. Arizona home care has dedicated and strong-willed caregivers that will impress you and your loved one instantly. The clients and caregivers should be on good terms for home care to work.

At this point, you should communicate your rules and restrictions without fear. Consequently, let your other family members know of the situation so they can offer their assistance.

3. Prep the House

Everybody loves their privacy. Before you start receiving in-home personal care service, notify the caregiver of off-limit areas. Furthermore, remove clutter and keep common supplies at arm’s reach. For example, bathing materials and clothes. Also, label cabinets and make house cleaning supplies accessible. This way, your loved one’s caregiver will have an easy time locating supplies and more time to take care of your family member.

4. Draw a List

Now that you and your older person are ready for in-home care solutions, make a list of emergency contacts, prescriptions, and other details. Leave a space for your caregiver to note down any notable information or concerns. If you have any cultural, religious, or dietary considerations, note them down too.

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According to statistics, nearly 70% of all older people need caregivers at sixty-five. Just as most people, you may be skeptical of hiring in-home personal care services, and it normal. Once you get a trustworthy caregiver or agency, the jitters will wear off. If you have any worries or questions, Cypress Home Care Solutions is here to help. Contact us today and meet the team that will care for your loved one with love.

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