The Connection Between Sleep and Healthy Aging

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Older relatives and friends have sleep changes as they age. They may suffer from a chronic illness and awaken more often at night due to symptoms of illness, insomnia, medications, caffeine, and not enough exercise. According to, about 80% of seniors deal with one chronic illness, while nearly 70% have two or more. Hiring an agency with a customized home care service can help older relatives with sleep problems by providing a routine and the care needed. This will help improve the daily routine of the person and address the underlying cause of the sleep problem. Cypress Homecare Solutions provides customized home care services that suit your older relatives’ or friends’ needs.

Causes of Sleep Disorder in Older People

There may be many reasons for an older relative or friend developing a sleep problem. Many elderly men and women suffer from insomnia or sleep apnea. This causes a lack of sleep that affects their daily routine. They may have a chronic illness like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease that causes serious symptoms that awakens them at night. Arthritis, another degenerative disease, causes pain in the body that often makes it hard to sleep. Some medications have side effects that keep a person awake at night. Older people may consume too much caffeine, sugar, or salt, which affects their health, or not enough exercise.

Others must go to the bathroom frequently or suffer from depression or dementia. All these different factors can severely affect your loved one’s sleep pattern. There are many ways to address sleep problems that occur, and our customized home care service will find a solution for your older relative or friend. A good night’s sleep improves your health and helps to manage chronic conditions better.

How Can Customized Home Care Services Help With Sleep Problems

Our staff can make meals for your older relatives that are healthy and nutritious. A regular eating routine helps and when they need a specialized diet for health reasons, this will ensure these needs are met. Our staff can make sure your loved one does not drink too much caffeine or eat too much sugar or salt. When your older relative needs exercise, they can take a walk or establish an exercise routine with the person. This often helps with depression and motivates the person to exercise. They can go out in the garden with them or take them swimming to a nearby pool. Exercise can improve your sleep at night. Our aides can encourage them to read, watch TV, or develop a hobby.

Our staff can establish a regular bedtime routine for your parents or relatives. They can make sure they do not drink caffeine or eat too late in the evening. Good activities before bed can be reading, watching TV, a light snack, or working on a hobby. They can change the sheets, adjust the temperature, and hang blackout drapes in the bedroom. They can assist with managing medications and using medical devices needed for good sleep. Overall, customized home care services can help manage sleep problems.

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