How Older People Can Stay Healthy in the New Year

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

A new year brings new goals, and plenty of older people are making their health a priority in 2022. It’s easy to fall into the same old routines of not taking care of yourself — both physically and mentally — and it can be hard to know where to begin to get out of those routines. We’re here today with a few tips on how you can get a jump start on your health journey this year.

Visit Your Doctor

If you haven’t checked in with your primary care doctor or any specialists that you visit, now is the time. While it can be scary to face certain health issues, there is power in knowing the status of your health and taking action to improve upon it. They’ll be able to offer personal recommendations for you, whether it be to go for walks regularly or to hire a home care service to help with day-to-day tasks.

Eat a Balanced Diet

It’s common to get into a food slump. Plenty of people feel that they don’t have the energy to try new and healthy recipes so they go with what’s easy and what’s cheap. While this may seem like the simplest solution in the short term, it can cost you in the long run. Dedicate some time to researching nutritious snacks. Perhaps consider preparing meal prepping — preparing dishes ahead of time. Home care solutions are great for when you don’t feel up to making a meal. 

Stay Social

Communicating and spending time with people is important when it comes to mental health. Isolation feeds into anxiety and depression. While it doesn’t have to be every day, do your best to get involved in one way or another. Whether it’s volunteering in your community or joining a club for older individuals, you’re going to gain something from it. 

Declutter Your Life

Going through the items in your home or in storage is a great way to reminisce on old times, organize your belongings, and get rid of what you really don’t need to be holding onto anymore. Having less in the house makes for a safer environment, both physically and mentally. Once you’ve done it, you’ll feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders. Go through clothes, decorations, mail, and more! If you don’t feel like decluttering the whole home is a project you can tackle on your own, take advantage of in home care! You wouldn’t be alone, as according to, about 2 out of 5 older individuals need assistance with daily tasks.

For more information about how to stay healthy in 2022, or to receive customized home care services, reach out to Cypress HomeCare Solutions. The team is happy to help you however they can!


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