Are You Noticing These Signs When Visiting with Aging Family Members This Holiday Season?

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

As you travel home to visit your relatives this holiday season, you may notice some changes in their demeanor, environment, and physical state. Here are four things to watch out for when visiting a loved one, from one of the most high-quality services of homecare Phoenix has to offer.

1. Behavior and Mood Swings

It’s difficult to gauge someone’s mental state through sporadic phone calls or text messages, so these holiday visits are the perfect time to check in. It may be helpful to speak with your loved ones about whether they still participate in their favorite activities such as going to church or meeting old friends out for coffee.

2. Weight Loss

There are many different reasons weight loss could be occurring, such as new medicines, cancer, or depression. As movement becomes more limited with age, everyday tasks such as cooking meals can become challenging and, in turn, be neglected. If you notice physical changes, encourage them to see their primary doctor, and follow up with how their visit went.

3. Living Environment Changes

When you’re visiting a loved one, try to take a casual stroll through their home to see if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Stacks of unpaid bills, dishes piled up on the counters or sink, and piles of unwashed clothes could indicate a neglected environment. Having someone come help manage prescriptions and general tidiness can be a huge help.

4. Changes in Dexterity and Balance

Changes in gait or pain while moving around are clear signs that something is amiss. In-home care solutions can help promote movement as well as decrease the risk of injury. Many people suffer from falls as they age, and they could be down without help for long periods of time without mobility aids or in-home personal care services.

According to Ankota, nearly 70% of people who require in-home healthcare services are over the age of 65. Typically, care is needed due to heart disease, diabetes, and cerebral vascular diseases, all of which could have early warning signs as listed above. If you’ve noticed a change in your loved one and are interested in what types of home care Phoenix has to offer, give Cypress HomeCare Solutions a call today!

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