Seeing Your Aging Loved Ones Over the Holidays

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

The holidays are almost here and it’s the time of year when you will see family members you have not seen for a while. Seeing senior loved ones at this time of year can be an opportunity to see how they are doing in person. Here are a few things to observe when visiting aging loved ones that will help you determine if it’s time to hire home care providers.

Home Condition

How elderly family members maintain their home can tell you a lot about whether they need help like home care. It is one thing if the grass is overgrown or there are a few repairs that need to be made; it is another if there is trash piling up or there have been some major changes in how they care for their home.

Physical Appearance

If your mom always took pride in her appearance but now looks unshowered, it can signify mean something is amiss. If your elderly loved one appears physically frail compared to your last visit, that is another indicator that more help with daily living could be a benefit. As we age, we all slow down, but if you notice a serious decline in your senior loved one’s mobility, that too can be a sign they need some support.

Cognitive Decline

If mom forgot to pull out the giblets from the turkey before she popped it in the oven, it does not mean that she is in cognitive decline, it may just be the stress of the holiday, and she forgets as we all do. However, notice that mom, dad, or another senior loved one is no longer participating in the things they historically loved to do or that they struggle to retrieve memories that they could remember last year. It may be a sign that they need support.

Ultimately, it is not just one thing that you should look for to determine if your loved one needs help. It is a combination of things.

About 80% of seniors that receive support for daily activities receive that support via home care, not in a facility, according to the Department of Aging. Home care can be an excellent solution for your senior loved one. Call today to learn about care options from a trusted provider.

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