5 Life Events that a Caregiver Can Help Make Life Easier

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Are you a Phoenix or Scottsdale resident who enjoys staying active in the community? What happens if you have a tumble, an unexpected medical emergency, or surgery that may require you to call on additional help at home? Arizona home care options are abundant and can take the ease off of yourself or a loved one if an unexpected life even occurs. Sometimes we need to think far in advance and start planning now when it comes to things like this. Read further on to learn five important reasons how in-home care can help make someone’s life easier:

Adult Companionship

Living at home alone can be isolating and lonely. As a result, loneliness can lead to many issues like cognitive decline that leads to Alzheimer’s disease, stress and blood pressure, and decreased appetites or poor eating habits are just a few examples. In-home care is available to provide much-needed companionship that the aging adult may need. In addition, a caregiver can provide healthy, nutritious meals or meal prep, assistance with walks, or simply some light-hearted conversation.

Help After Recent Surgery

Perhaps you or your loved one recently had surgery and needs additional assistance. It is estimated that two in five seniors need assistance to get through the day. With the support of in-home care services, they take the pressure off of you and your family members. Caregivers can do light housekeeping, help with a list of “to-do’s” around the house, run errands, or provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments.

Decline in Mobility

Naturally, as adults age, their mobility such as the ability to walk and exercise steadily declines. If you or your loved one are experiencing a decline in mobility, an in-home caregiver is an option to help prevent falls or other medical emergencies. A caregiver can clear hazards in the home to prevent falls and guide you or your loved one through the home. They can also help with transferring in and out of beds and other things that require mobility assistance.

Medication Errors

Forgetting to take a medication can be very dangerous. This could happen if your elderly loved one struggles with dementia, or when there is uncertainty about what medications to take throughout the day. This is where an in-home caregiver can help to ensure that the medications are administered correctly to prevent a trip to the hospital.

Life Changes

If you or your loved one has recently lost their spouse, it can affect your loved one’s motivation to do their favorite activities, exercising and bathing, or eating healthy.  An in-home caregiver can help reduce the stress of the loss of their spouse. They can also provide companionship and emotional support when family members cannot be there or do not live close by.

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