Keeping Life Meaningful & Joyful While Aging Insights from Renowned Gerontology Expert Jisella Dolan

Written by: Lauren Strait

On a recent episode of his popular radio show and podcast, Health Futures – Taking Stock in You, Managing Partner Bob Roth spoke with renowned aging and caregiving specialist, Jisella Dolan, about how we can enrich our quality of life as we grow older.

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Insightful Perspectives on Meaningful Living

With decades dedicated to empowering older adults, Dolan shared research-backed wisdom on the keys to continued health, happiness and purpose during our later years. She explained the remarkable impact that consistent participation in small but fulfilling activities can provide.

Growing older with grace, purpose and delight day-to-day is an art. With over twenty years directly serving seniors and families, Dolan understands first-hand how to optimize enjoyment and meaning across our later decades. Simple yet purposeful daily activities seem to provide exponentially positive impact. Artistic hobbies, social clubs, spending time outdoors, reading and learning new skills can dramatically enrich mental and physical wellbeing.

The Power of Daily Meaning

“I see over and over again the value of having purposeful activities, however small or simple they may be,” said Dolan. “For many seniors, enjoying familiar hobbies and interests with intention and meaning brings light to their days.”

Whether it’s sewing, woodworking, gardening, reading the newspaper or taking neighborhood walks, purposeful engagement enhances mental and physical wellness. Dolan noted that having minor goals and simple plans to anticipate contributes tremendously.

Specialized caregivers like those at Cypress HomeCare are trained to enable seniors’ valued routines while providing assistance with all the necessities of daily living. We understand whole-person care means nurturing a sense of meaning and joyful connection.

Let our team support you or your aging loved one in making the very most of each day ahead. Discover how our custom care plans help clients remain actively involved in the people, passions and pleasures most important for their unique happiness.

Holistic Home Care Focused on Quality of Life

Our whole-person approach focuses on safeguarding what brings each client happiness, purpose and vitality day-to-day. We partner closely with families to incorporate tailored support for meaningful activity, relationships and growth. Custom care plans are designed around seniors’ unique interests to motivate participation and joy.

Dolan notes the amplifying benefits of creative pastimes, community connections, movement and sensory engagement for body and spirit. Our reliable care helps aging adults maintain lifelong hobbies, rituals, conversations and delights that lend richness. Sharing in clients’ favored music, foods, books and adventures sustains mental acuity too.

Let us help safeguard possibilities for inspiration, meaning and contentment in the days ahead. Our passionate teams enable seniors to keep prioritizing small daily joys amid evolving abilities. Reach out today to learn more about our person-centered home care.

How Cypress HomeCare Can Help

At Cypress HomeCare Solutions, our mission is to ensure continued meaning, purpose and delight for aging adults within their cherished home environments. From personalized care plans tailored around seniors’ favorite pastimes to thoroughly vetted caregivers trained in individualized support, our dedicated team provides older adults and families much-needed peace of mind.

We know each person’s needs and passions differ as abilities evolve with age. That’s why we take the time to understand what sparks our clients’ joy and motivates their participation day-to-day. Custom care uplifts mind, body and spirit by reducing isolation through community as well as enabling meaningful activity aligned with longtime pleasures and hobbies.

Contact us today to further discuss possibilities for bringing compassionate supportive care into your home and family. Together through open communication and holistic insight, we can deliver respect, independence, engagement and happiness for your aging loved one’s tomorrow.

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