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Benevilla: Transforming Senior Lives with Barbara Mason

Written by: Lauren Strait

Enriching Lives at Benevilla with Barbara Mason

A Warm Welcome Back

On the latest episode of the Health Futures radio show and podcast, host Bob Roth welcomed back Barbara Mason, Outreach Coordinator at Benevilla, a non-profit organization serving the West Valley since 1981. Benevilla, meaning “good home,” is committed to helping older adults maintain independence and stay active through a variety of innovative programs and services.

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Life Enrichment Programs

A major focus of Benevilla is their Life Enrichment adult day programs. These programs provide a stimulating environment for seniors with conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke, and other neurological issues, keeping them engaged and social. Importantly, these programs also offer much-needed respite to family caregivers.

Wortzies Program: An Intergenerational Twist

Benevilla’s Wortzies program uniquely combines the adult day program with an on-site child daycare, fostering interaction between older adults and young children through shared activities. This intergenerational approach enriches the lives of both age groups.

Benefitness Adaptive Gym

One of Benevilla’s newest offerings is the Benefitness adaptive gym, featuring equipment designed for varied abilities, whether someone uses a wheelchair, walker, or has other physical or cognitive limitations. The trained staff develops customized fitness plans based on individual assessments and goals. Services include assisted stretching, balance work, personal training, group classes like boxing for Parkinson’s, and nutritional counseling. The gym also provides a space for caregivers to work out and destress while their loved ones exercise.

Caring for Caregivers

Supporting family caregivers is a top priority at Benevilla. Their CARES department receives 700 calls per month from caregivers seeking resources on everything from finding doctors to dealing with landlords. They offer numerous support groups and have launched a new Caregivers Bootcamp covering the fundamentals. As Barbara emphatically stated, “If you need help, say so, because there are so many of us here to do that for you.”

Get Involved

Benevilla is always looking for volunteers to help serve their community. With Barbara retiring at the end of July after 40 years in healthcare, she and her husband plan to continue volunteering their time to the organization.

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