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Revolutionizing Fall Prevention: Helpany’s Ingenious Radar Technology

Written by: Lauren Strait

The Staggering Impact of Falls

Over 4 million falls occur annually in long-term care facilities across the United States. A million of those falls are considered preventable. Falls can have devastating consequences, from injuries and hospitalizations to decreased independence and quality of life for older adults.

Introducing Helpany’s “Paul”

In the latest episode of “Health Futures Taking Stock in You,” host Bob Roth welcomed Sandro Cilurzo, CEO and co-founder of the innovative Swiss company Helpany. They discussed Helpany’s groundbreaking solution called “Paul” for preventing falls among residents in long-term care communities.

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Privacy-Preserving Motion Monitoring

Unlike cameras or microphones that can invade privacy, Paul is a compact, discrete device resembling a smoke detector. It utilizes privacy-preserving radar technology and radio waves to analyze movement patterns safely. Through artificial intelligence, Paul establishes normal baselines and can detect even subtle deviations that may signal increased fall risk.

Predictive Analytics in Action

Paul monitors critical metrics like nighttime restlessness, sedentary behavior, and gait speed changes – all predictive factors for falls. The device generates automated “Health is Wealth” reports, allowing staff to proactively identify higher-risk residents and implement preventative measures.

Enhancing Safety and Peace of Mind

Not only does this innovative technology enhance resident safety, but it provides invaluable peace of mind for families. Loved ones can check the app and see that their family member is active and mobile. For facilities, it increases customer satisfaction, reduces liabilities, validates care being provided, and ultimately allows residents to maintain their independence longer.

Expanding Across the U.S.

After years of successful implementation in Switzerland, Helpany is now expanding into the U.S. market, with Fellowship Square in Mesa as their first installation site. The company’s vision is to make this fall prevention solution available to all seniors, whether in residential communities or private homes.

Cypress HomeCare Solutions’ host Roth expressed enthusiasm about partnering with Helpany, as it aligns with their mission of enabling compassionate aging in place.

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