Cypress Rivalry on Super Bowl Sunday

Written by: Cypress HomeCare Solutions

Football is not just an American tradition, but really THE family sport. A staple at family gatherings (think Thanksgiving), this aggressive yet unifying sport has touched almost all of our lives — who hasn’t spent a Sunday or Monday night with at least one family member glued to the television? The connection between football and family is especially noticeable at this year’s Super Bowl, as coaches and brothers John and Jim Harbaugh will battle it out on the sidelines when the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers meet in New Orleans on Sunday.

This is all rather exciting, but what does it have to do with Cypress HomeCare Solutions?

For one, we are focused on assisting individuals and families in our community, so it is only natural to support an event that promotes family ties. Also, it turns out that our leaders Bob Roth and Scott Spangler have their own healthy rivalry this Super Bowl. Bob, Baltimore born-and-raised, is of course rooting for the purple and black, while Scott, who grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, is gleaming with joy that his team is FINALLY in the finals after 18 years. This game is not just east versus west or brother versus brother — it’s truly Bob versus Scott (at least in the Cypress office).

So, while you are eating those chicken wings and watching the game this weekend, think about our friendly Cypress competition, and don’t forget to give your family a hug at half time!

Scott (left) and Bob (right) with Cypress referee Chris Willis

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